Demoneyes on Android

Happy Demon Playing with the Eyes!

What is it? It is a very cool application which colorizes the eyes green. It is best to use on any photo or image with a human face.

When?  Our server is accessible for 24 hours a day using Wi-Fi or Data Plan.  So you can use the DemonEyes App for example, when starting working in a company in the morning or having a party or wedding that goes late into the night.;-)

Where? You can download the App from the Android Google Play store or from the Apple store.

Which? The App is supported on the following devices: On phones and 7-inch tablets, Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) and above.

How can you use the app?

First you should download the App from the Google Play Store, then the launcher icon is to be found on the Home screen (or All Apps screen).

After starting the application you can choose a photo by clicking on the text ‘Pick a Photo’.

Picking a photo can be completed by selecting the Gallery or Photos or any other application that is able to handle photos. ( for example: Fish Bowl Photo Gallery )

Pick a photo from the collections and you will see a dialog asking for choosing an action.

To get the eyes embellished green, select the option: ‘Demon Eyes’.

In case you want to interrupt the process, choose the option: ‘Cancel’, so you can pick another photo.

If you have chosen to change the photo, it will be sent to the server.

To get the changed picture from the server, it takes a little time sometimes, but in general it is fast enough.

During image processing the message is shown: “Please wait…the modified photo will be in the ‘demoneyes’ folder in Gallery and Photos after saving it!”.

Actually the modified photo will be seen in the ‘demoneyes’  folder of all image management applications, but only after saving it.

If you are satisfied with the new picture, you can save it by clicking on the option ‘Save’, otherwise use the option ‘Cancel’.


 Another option to manipulate photos:

In the Android version it is possible to pick out a photo from the Gallery or Photos first (without starting the application) and then it can be shared via the DemonEyes App.


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